Monday, March 20, 2006

Oh. My. God.

This past weekend has turned me into a complete believer of the axiom "whatever can go wrong, will." We are getting our house ready to sell, and since we had already begun to update it, we were in the middle of a lot of little projects when we found out we were moving (again). Our plan for Saturday was to have a technician come to find out why the air conditioner didn't seem to be putting out cool air (extremely important in south TX!); install the new wooden shutters that we ordered months ago, but that had only arrived on Friday; have the new faucets installed in the master bathroom; and have landscapers spruce up the lawn and plant a few flowers. All of this was to take place in preparation for visits from two real estate agents and an appraiser today (Monday).

And out of that list, what went wrong? Everything. The shutters were the wrong size, requiring DH to spend hours trying cut them down without ruining them. The air conditioning technician didn't show at all. The landscapers not only didn't bring enough mulch, they brought about 20 tiny marigolds and a couple of palm tree fronds and proceeded to plant them, spaced equidistantly, in sparse perfection around the base of each tree. The trees are big and old and dense, and marigolds like sun, so they are not going to live. The pinnacle, however, was the plumber. He installed the new bathtub fixtures and one of the new faucets, but said he couldn't install the other one because the countertop has to be removed and some of the pipes underneath it have to be changed. He left a mess. And he couldn't do it. At all.

Today, DH went back to Washington, leaving me to deal with the remainder of selling the house. The air conditioning technician finally showed up -- so did one of the real estate agents, and TWO appraisers. All at the same time. The other agent hasn't come yet and I haven't heard from her, so I have no idea if/when she'll come later. The technician said the air conditioner is frozen up and he handed me a large, filthy filter that apparently needs replacing, but of course, he doesn't do THAT. Great. He has to come back when the thing is unfrozen, and apparently when the new filter has been installed. I have no idea where the damn filter even goes, so I wonder how all that's going to work out.

What a great day. Especially the part where I got to show the appraisers and the realtor our fabulously updated master bathroom, with the mismatched faucets and parts strewn all over it. My next step is to find a plumber who can finish the job and an air conditioning specialist who will install a filter. Oh, and someone to install a new roof and new carpet, which the realtor says we need to do too. Great.

What a bloody mess.

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