Friday, March 31, 2006

Pennington Farm

It's official. We got our house. I'm still quite stunned by this because I'm not sure how it happened -- I hated everything on the market, and this house wasn't even on the market -- our real estate agent knew it would be available soon, which allowed us to make an offer before it was listed. The owners accepted our offer, so it never really was listed.

DH drove me around to see the houses I'd rejected, presumably because he was worried that I'd regret rejecting sparkling newness for this quirky old house in this tiny little town. Not a chance. All that did was confirm that I got the only house in the state of Washington that I could really really love. The house is in Ebey's Landing Historical Reserve, and the agent gave me the house's historical documentation yesterday. It was built in 1910 and is known as Pennington Farm. The farm lands were sold long ago, so the house sits in a sea of other houses, but it's perched near the top of a hill (still called Pennington Hill) and it has a commanding view in all directions. I really do love this house.

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Tess said...

Tamara - congrats to you and M on the house!! It looks lovely :-)