Friday, July 21, 2006

Heat Wave? Beautiful!

While I have sympathy for everyone sweltering in the current heat wave, I, frankly, am in the mood to jump for joy. This is the first day since I arrived in Washington (in May) that it's actually felt like summer -- and I LOVE it! Until today, the temperature has only made it up to 70F/21C twice this month. As far as I'm concerned, that's a *miserable* state of affairs since this is the hottest part of the summer. But today, this GLORIOUS heat wave has brought us well past the old record high of 77F/25C. The last time I looked, it was 88F/30C, and tomorrow may be even better: 90F/32C.

The Weather Service have issued a "heat advisory". LOL!

Gee; I might have to turn on my fan. This is hot? The humidity isn't even 30%. They ought to spend a few days on the Gulf Coast with at least that temperature, but with 98% humidity.

So, I intend ignore the Weather Service killjoys and enjoy this weekend of perfect summer weather.

It's margarita time (finally)!

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Tess said...

LOL - I've been like that here too. All the West Coasters going on about how hot it is at 25 C, and I'm like, this is hot? When it hit 30 C, I admitted it was a little warm *g*.