Sunday, July 9, 2006

More Mount Baker Days!

Yesterday was another perfect Mount Baker Day, and the view from my window was enticing:

So, we decided to combine errands with fun — we walked around our new town, Coupeville.

Coupeville, the second oldest town in Washington, is tiny, with not much more than a single main street, which you can see in the photos above and below. Most of the shops are a bit touristy, but there are some excellent restaurants (like Toby’s) that you can access by going down some stairs on the side of the buildings facing the water.

The Coupeville Wharf extends out from Penn Cove.

The wharf itself has a restaurant and a few more tourist-oriented shops. It also has an area dedicated to posters with information about whales, which are frequent visitors to the area. Suspended from the ceiling above the posters is the skeleton of a HUGE whale that died after beaching nearby. I’m not that keen on dead whales, but the views from the pier are amazing!

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Tess said...

Ooooh - more lovely pics. Now I want to come visit even more!