Saturday, July 8, 2006

Mount Baker Days!

When we first moved to Bellevue, back in 1993, several people told us about “Mount Baker Days”, which were, apparently, days that were clear enough to see Mount Baker in the distance. We were there nearly 7 months before we had a Mount Baker Day, and then we understood the stories about people being so entranced that they would stare at it for great lengths of time, and forget they were driving a car!

We’ve had a lot of Mount Baker Days in the last few weeks, and today was one of the best. I took this shot from the Coupeville wharf — and it doesn’t nearly do it justice — the snow on the peak was like glitter in the sun.

Today was only the second day I’ve really been out and around since getting sick after moving here. The first day was two weeks ago, when some friends who just moved to Seattle joined us in a visit to Lavender Wind Farm and West Beach. That was a Mount Baker Day too, but we were looking west, so we didn’t notice it.

Lavender Wind Farm really is amazing. You can walk through the fields, or follow a path through a clever labyrinth, planted only with lavender, and look out to the sea, and to the Olympic Mountains beyond.

The water and mountains were so beautiful, I forgot to take a photo of the labyrinth. You can just see the edge of it on the right in the photo below.

In addition to lavender, the farm has fields of other flowers too.

Along with an errant strand of my own wildly whipping hair, this shot shows West Beach, which is rocky as well as windy — and that wind is cold — even on a sunny summer day!

West Beach, with the Olympic Mountains beyond.

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Tess said...

I LOVE Mount Baker. Sean refers to it now as "your friend, Mount Baker" *g*. From certain points in Vancover, one has Mount Baker days as well :-)

Love your other pics as well.