Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blogger Blues

Blogger has been nagging me to switch to their new beta version, and I finally got tired enough of the nag business to make the switch. I'm SO glad I did because now, the order and timing of previous posts is completely screwed up.


Gillian said...

That explains why they all appeared in Bloglines a second and third time.

I must've updated to beta myself, beacuse I came home from teaching today and fell fast asleep.

Nanci said...

Maybe it's just temporary? I'm using beta and have not had problems. (Fingers crossed!)

Tess said...

Yikes! That's frustrating. I'm still playing around with my beta-blogger blog. Haven't perfected it yet, but now maybe I'll wait a little longer till they straighten things out.

Hope you don't get hit too hard by this latest storm!!

Doubtful Muse said...

It wasn't actually the beta that caused the problems; I had them after upgrading the template to the new-style layout. After doing that, 9-month old posts where showing up in the edit screen (and rss feeds) with the current date and time, even though the correct ones were appearing on the posts themselves. They're still off, but I got them back in order by starting at the beginning and republishing each one -- which is probably why they appeared in bloglines multiple times.

New and improved? Bah humbug!