Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Today is Boxing Day. I'm not exactly sure of the origins of this holiday, but I like the sound of it. So Happy Boxing Day if you are boxing today (or whatever it is you do for this occasion). What I am doing for it is akin to boxing (in the pugilistic sense) because I started out today with the goal of installing some software called Bugzilla on a unix server (just. don't. ask) and I am on the ropes now. Godzilla, er - Bugzilla is giving me a pretty good beating.

Do I have an excuse for whingeing? Probably not, but still, I can't resist passing along a few gems, emphasis mine:

Download a tarball (is this like the hairballs that my cat coughs up?) and put it in a suitable directory, possibly one with a symbolic link to /usr/local (I can think of something symbolic here, but, alas, it's profane). If you have a binary version of mySQL, you may need to change the directory. You can run Apache as a non-root user (does pulling my hair out by the root make me a non-root user?), but the port will need to be set to one above 1024. If you type httpd -V, you will get a list of the variables that your system copy of httpd uses. One of those, namely HTTPD_ROOT, tells you where that installation looks for its config information (I'll bet, wherever it is, the sun doesn't shine much THERE). From there, you can copy the config files to your own home directory to start editing. When you edit those and then use the -d option to override the HTTPD_ROOT compiled into the web server, you get control (Yes! I WANT control!) of your own customized web server. Note that you will need to start the daemons (I think they meant to write demons here!) yourself. You can either ask your system administrator (That's SO helpful; I AM the ##$@ administrator) to add them to system startup files, or add a crontab entry that runs a script to check on these daemons and restart them if needed.

OK rant over. You can restart your demons now.


Gillian said...

Why do you need more demons in your life?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

You probably missed this product: virtual bugzilla server. Installs in minutes :)


Nanci said...

You sure know how to have a good time, *T* ;-)

I do, however, love the daemons - always have, always will...

Doubtful Muse said...


Thanks! It's entirely possible I could love you for this. I had a look at the website you listed, but I'm too clueless even to sort out whether (and how) VBS could work for us. I get that it runs as if it were a separate (virtual) install of the components, but I'm still not sure of how/where to install it. If you have additional info (or know someone who could provide it), my email address is doubtfulmuse@gmail.com.