Monday, December 4, 2006

Viva Las Vegas Tree

I worked on my Elvis Viva Las Vegas Christmas tree this weekend. Photos have been requested, and though I still have considerable bling left to add (e.g., 60 pink Swarovski crystal hearts, 2 dozen lime green glitter balls, some bright blue glass parrots, and a boat load of Mardi Gras beads), I am posting interim photos.

The shot below is clearer because it was taken during the day. It also shows (through the window) the reason why I decided to throw tastefulness out the window and embrace tacky to the fullest. It is DARK here. I want color! I want LIGHT!

I took this one last night, while I was decorating it. It isn't as clear, but it gives a better idea of the brightness level.

And this one shows my helper, who has claimed a reindeer of his own. The rest of the help had given up in disgust. Kitty, because I am not using tinsel this year since she is predisposed to commit suicide by eating it; bigger dog, because none of the decorations qualify as 'real' food and are thus, uninteresting.

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Teresa said...

LOVE the tree :-) We decorated my in-laws instead - no way we can have a tree here in the cabin with Cleo the ADHD cat!