Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sappy Year End Post

We're to the end of another year and everyone is writing their best or worst lists, or their recaps, or their resolutions, and who am I to break with the pattern?

My best reading list is pretty easy:
  • The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick -- I read this at the end of last year, but it was good enough to count for two! I'm eagerly awaiting The Scarlet Lion because John Marshal has ... well... suffice to say that John Marshal is an attractive protagonist. *g*
  • An unpublished work called the Art of Effective Dreaming by Gillian Polack, which, upon publication (by me) will make me very proud and happy in ways that I cannot describe.
  • An unnamed book by an unnamed Scottish author whose name will not be 'un' if/when she signs the contract I'm working on (please God; let her do it; her stuff is that good).
  • Brian Wainwright's emails -- which have nothing whatsoever to do with his books, but which are guaranteed joys to read. Brian may well be the most charming man on the planet.
My worst list is even easier: everything else.

And now for the recap...

In some ways, I had a pretty shitty year, although come to think of it, last year was pretty shitty as well, so 2006 doesn't really stand out all that much. The funny thing is that for all the misery I've endured this year, I have to say that, after all, life is good and I am glad to find it so. In reality, I've learned a lot this year. If I were conventional, at this point I would wax poetic about love and friends and the various delights to be found in life, but seeing as how I'm not that conventional, I think I'll just tell you what I've learned -- even though it isn't all sweetness and light.

What I've learned this year:
  • Life is hard -- but it's still worth it.
  • Life isn't fair -- but it's still worth it.
  • Life is painful -- but it's still worth it.
I've also learned how to respond when I'm challenged for making a move I didn't necessarily want to make in order to be with my husband. I was surprised to be in the position to make this response because I didn't anticipate being questioned about it. But on several occasions this year, I was in the position of replying to someone who said things to the effect of: 'I would NEVER let my husband dictate...' or 'how can you just give up everything because he...?'

One thing I've learned is that some people have different world views -- and these same people simply cannot understand mine. I love my husband very much, but beyond even that, he makes me a better person. I mean this in a literal sense. He MAKES me a better person. Regardless of what he asks of me, it has always been my FREE choice to be with him. And because I have a choice, I choose to be a better person -- with him. My odd upbringing didn't teach me that it was my responsibility to clean the house or to cook the dinner (and God knows I never do either), but it did teach me 'whither thou goest' and all that (yeah; I know that was about Ruth and the mother in law, but IMO, mother in laws do NOT count). And so, for him, I will always be there (unless he tries to trade me in on a trophy wife, in which case, he had better be ready for a MAJOR fight). So, how do I respond? I tell them the truth (which they obviously don't get) -- we are married. Life isn't about ME; it's about US. We moved for him this time; next time, maybe we'll move for me. Or maybe not, but we'll decide together.

Finally, my resolutions are:
  • To improve my thighs. For our 20th anniversary, we are taking the honeymoon we never had -- in Hawaii. I want to look HOT in that size 4 Calvin Klein swimsuit!
  • To stop sweating the small stuff.
  • To remember where I'm from.
Now doesn't all this fit a sentimental New Year's post to a tee? Well, except for the 'thin thighs in 30 days' bit...

Have a happy New Year!


Gillian said...

I'll trade you my thin thighs in exchange for my very round stomach. I'm very proud that my book is on your best reads list :).

I've a friend visiting for NY, but I'll come online to do my horrorscope just as soon as she leaves. If you would like to join me, you would be most welcome. Though after your year, I rather think you are due a happyscope, not a horrorscope.

Doubtful Muse said...

LOL! I'll be around some both NY eve and day. Really, what would life be like without horrorscopes?

Tess said...

Happy New Year!!! And my thoughts on 2006 pretty much echo yours - funny that, huh? *g*

And I hear you on the thin thighs too *vbg*, though I'm also working towards an agent and/or a publishing contract.

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Happy New Year Tamara,

Ummm....I have a copy of The Scarlet Lion for you, just got to get around to posting it. It's just gone out of print (sold out!) but hopefully LB will be reprinting. However, it's not the John Marshal novel I'm afraid. That one's not out until October. Just this minute handed it in. One hot guy I have to say. If I was ever going to contemplate a spot of cheating, he'd be the first candidate!
I loved your thoughts on your marriage and your husband - and I agree all the way. Good luck with the thin thighs. I have been going to the gym for 9 months now. I haven't lost an ounce, but I managed to run all the way to the post office yesterday without getting puffed...don't suppose that'd count in the looking good on the beach stakes!

Doubtful Muse said...

Whoops! I got the titles mixed up. The Scarlet Lion is the rest of William's story, isn't it? Of course I'm dying to read it too -- and thank you for saving a copy for me. Oh, and congratulations for it selling out!

Going to the gym for 9 months is impressive. The most exercise I've done in the last few weeks is lifting a glass of holiday cheer. That might account for mixing up titles for William and John (or maybe not, but it surely does account for why I need to worry about my thighs). *g*

John needs to be a movie!