Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Uncle! Uncle! Enough Already!

Today marks the third time in the last month and a half in which we have lost power! The last time, just before Christmas, we had no electricity for two days, although that time we were lucky as the whole region was affected, and many were without power for more than a week, including some who were left to celebrate a dark cold Christmas.

In response to the mounting criticism, the power company spouted some heartwarming drivel about how much it cares about its customers and how they mean everything. Well. I'm sitting here in my car, using its battery to run my cellular connection so that I can note for those who may be unaware - to Puget Sound Energy, 'everything' refers to the bottom-line; theirs, because it sure as heck doesn't mean mine.

For crying out loud, PSE, it's just a little rainstorm, not a $##@% typhoon! In case you haven't noticed, those are not exactly rare around here. You need to upgrade the infrastructure to something higher than the level of a third-world country. If there are more complaints this time, you deserve everything you get.

Happy New Year.

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Tess said...

Yoiks!!! Some folks here on the Coast lost power again on Tuesday morning as well. Am fairly certain they had the same message for BC Hydro. We were lucky enough to keep ours, though the rain was pretty incredible!