Friday, March 23, 2007

Blame it on the Rain

Sorry. This is all just so irrelevant.

We made it through the winter, but everyone we know here is depressed. Everyone. Even the old-timers who work with DH. The topics of the day are full-spectrum lighting, Hawaii, and doughnuts; not necessarily in that order. My vitamin D tablets aren't cutting it; I need sun. I NEED sun.

It's time for drastic action, but I have a plan. This weekend, I'm going to mine my TBR for books with sunny settings; I'm going to whip up some margaritas; and I'm going to indulge in a little retail therapy. That part of the plan depends on the cheerworthyness (is that a word?) of the books and margs.

  • Level 1 cheerworthyness probably only calls for some ridiculous Lily Pulitzer shoes:

  • If that doesn't do it, then I may need to advance to the next level: a sparkly palm tree. This has the added value of being sure to annoy the neighbors in the crack-house next door -- installed in front of the rusted nonfunctional car they left at the very end of their lawn (closer to my house than theirs).

  • If ridiculous shoes and pissing off the neighbors haven't picked up my spirits, then it's time for the big guns:

Sorry. This is all just so irrelevant.