Thursday, June 7, 2007

Foiled Again!

I wonder why it is that all I ever seem to write about is the misery of travel! Today I'm in Chicago. I love Chicago. I lived here for years and other than the brutal winters, I always thought it was a pretty great place. Today it's a little lacking in its usual gloss because I'm supposed to be in Albany, NY right now.

This is a problem.

I am not happy. Well, let me qualify that; the plane didn't crash. I'm happy about that. The weather here is noxious, however, and I'm not looking forward to the rest of the evening -- however long it may be (probably a long time since they STILL don't have a plane here at the gate). All I can say is -- wish me luck that I've endured the worst of my flight-curse for the day! If so, then I'll still make to Albany in time for the HNS Conference. If not, then hell, we might as well hit Michigan Avenue for some shoe shopping...

1 comment:

Gillian said...

The travelcurse strikes again, drabbit. Get to Albany safe and soon - and in time for all taht work you planned!