Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I've been remiss in posting lately, mainly because I've been sick as a dog since I got back from Houston two weeks ago. At first, the problem was a relatively minor cold, but this last week has been due to my thyroid, which has gone so far off the chart with weirdness that I'm having to entirely forgo the thyroid medication I've depended on for the last 18 years -- until my doctor can figure out what is wrong. There is no other way to say it: this sucks. When your thyroid is trying to die as mine has been for lo these many years, thyroid medication is pretty much the only thing that stands between you and a coma. It takes, however, a LONG time to get to the point of the Big Sleep (Nanci and Tammy; if you're reading this, I left off gratuitous quote marks just for you.), so I am not in any danger without my thyroid medication; I'm just miserable. It feels rather like the worst hangover EVER, but with no relief in sight -- at least none promised until I get the results from my next blood test (a week from tomorrow).

My tale of woe is compounded by the never-ending gloom of icy freezing rain sluicing down my windows for days now. The newspaper says this is because the first storm of the winter has arrived more than a month early. Thank you Mother Nature. Oh, and my DH is in Chicago, visiting his family without me. (That's probably a good thing because in my current state of mind, staying away from my outlaws is also probably preventing me from a murder rap.)

I think I hit the low point when I decided to have steak and candy for dinner. Yes; I really did. I was actually pleased that I had enough energy to heat up leftover steak -- and the candy was the only side dish that didn't require cooking. :g

Wallowing only makes me feel worse, so I decided it was time to stage a turnaround, and I reviewed the strategies I could use to feel better. There really aren't that many when you're stuck in the house alone except for equally housebound animals, missing your DH, and feeling like crap. Apparently, a few cells are still firing somewhere in my feeble hypothyroid brain, though, because I realised there was one surefire thing I could do to cheer up.

I gave my husband part of his anniversary present early (our anniversary is 16 October). I've been working on this present for close to a year -- it's a huge photo book with highlights of our twenty years together. He knows about it because the artwork has been so labor-intensive, it would have been impossible to keep it a secret. But he hasn't really seen it yet. So, inspired by the gorgeous trailer Elizabeth Chadwick did for her new book, I used the artwork from DH's gift to make my own trailer -- and I emailed him the URL so he could go ahead and look at it.

And now I am happy -- his reaction was beyond my wildest dreams. After he was finished being all choked up, he said such sweet things that it would transform the ugliest frog into Cinderella (Mixed metaphors? Sue me!). And the best thing is that my trailer reminded me of all the times life has handed me lemons and I've made lemonade.

I'm sure no one outside of the few family members who stop by will be interested, but the trailer is online for the next day or two at my website plus "/fun/scrapbooksmall.htm" -- and y'all had better not make fun of all that Big Hair! (Also note, it's a huge file with music -- needs broadband.)

Have a happy day.

T- aka the Doubtful Muse.


Gillian said...

The scrapbook is so gorgeous. I wish I knew how you look younger now than 20 years ago, though.

I hope the doctor sorts out your thyroid soon.

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

A true labour of love T. No wonder Mike was choked. Thank you so much for sharing - You look the same now as you did then...Erk, I mean not any older!
I loved the lemons/lemonade quote too. It's wonderful when you find the one.

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Oh, and meant to say but forgot, hope your thyroid problem gets sorted out.
My mum has had the same condition for 25 years, so although I can't say I know what it's like, I have a family member with it, so I know the ins and outs of not having the medication and getting the medication right etc etc etc.
So hugs and hope you are better very soon.

Taminator said...

I hope you're feeling better, Tamara! Did you ever find out what was wrong so you could go back on the meds?

And yes, I do appreciate the lack of quotation marks, lol!