Sunday, January 27, 2008

If this is Tuesday, it must be East Anglia

I was planning a trip to San Diego next weekend to stay at the Hotel Del Coronado and get some much-needed sun. California appears to be on track for a wave of winter storms, however, so, although I'd like to meet the Hotel Del ghost, there doesn't seem much point in making the trip now. Funnily enough, about 5 minutes after we decided to cancel, Auntie asked me if I was interested in going to East Anglia with her this summer.

I had to think about it for maybe 30 seconds, before I emailed her back with a wholehearted YES!

There is nothing like pawing around in some crumbling ruins to lift the spirits. And I have a particular interest in a medieval effigy in a village called Swaton that I think Pevsner mis-dated -- because as any idiot knows, tight sleeves were popular well before 1300. I have a burning desire to sort that one out. (Yes; thank you. I am aware that I'm a peculiar sort of person.)

And, of course, it will be loads of fun to look at Stately Homes and gardens with Auntie, who used to live in England and knows all the good spots. And if I'm there, I'm hoping I can meet up with some of my English friends. English friends -- if you're reading, I promise that if we can get together, I will not bore you with my thoughts on mis-dated effigies (although I don't promise not to bore you in other ways)!


Nanci said...

My auntie never goes anyone other than Branson (shudder). Consider yourself lucky and me jealous!

Doubtful Muse said...

LOL! I doubt very seriously that my auntie will EVER ask me to go with her to Branson.

tamsaunt said...

Branson is most definitely not on my radar!

Gillian said...

East Anglia! I walked on water there, once....

I'm so jealous!!!

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

East Anglia?
I'm going to be there June 28th giving a talk to the Richard III Society about William Marshal!
You have to go to Framlingham and see Roger Bigod's castle walls. Castle Acre Priory is cool.
Gillian, how did you walk on water?
Perhaps best not to ask!

Gillian said...

It was that strange year a fair while ago when bits of the North Sea were frozen over. My wonderful hosts took me to the seaside and I walked on water :).