Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Query Spam

I may have seen it all now. I've received a particularly bizarre form of query-spam in which I'm promised not a blue pill or a "replica pen" (why would anyone want a "replica" of a pen; why not just get a real one that writes?); I've received an email offering me "a Best Seller awaiting publication."


And I'm offered the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contact the author and receive a synopsis, sample chapters, and a promotional website.

There is no author name or website on this gem; just a generic author-with-a-big-ego@lycos.com email.


I was curious about the thought process that went into sending out a query for a book without an author name or any other identifying information and lo and behold, I found that The Rejector received one of these last summer and so did Off The Pink.

With a slight variation in the generic author email address and the text of the letter, it's the very same one I received.

They've already critiqued it thoroughly, so I'll forgo that, but my Google search also seems to have turned up the author's website too. I won't be mean and give that part away (although I'm sure you can find it if you look), but I have to tell you that I'm stunned (stunned!) to note that there's a "publisher's and literary agent's enquiry form" on the website. Oh, and this author appears to offer "literary services" on her website. (She's giving advice???)


OK. I'll close my dropped jaw now. But really ... Wow!


Anonymous said...

I'm flabbergasted. Which means one good thing has come out of the submission - I had an excuse to use a favourite word.


S Andrew Swann said...

I was surprised to find that she was still going this route 6 months later. I would think getting spanked on a number of blogs would have gotten her the message. But Googling her website leads me to believe she sank a lot of money into some web development people and is just sitting back waiting for someone to solicit her. (All those folks taking her money, and no one had the decency to tell her that wasn't how this works.)

The bizarre thing is I got the spam and I'm just a writer- not an agent or a publisher- I just wonder what she thought I was going to do with it.