Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Idaho - You Should Go!

We visited DB and VM in Idaho this past weekend. DB is my dad's brother and VM is his wife, which makes her technically my aunt, but as I suspect I'm the black sheep (baaaah) of the family, I want to be considerate about her feelings and not insult her by implying a genetic relationship. As for the rest of you rellos who might happen to stop by, you are genetically related to me so you'll just have to suck it up.

Anyhoo, the weekend was great! DB and VM are great! Idaho is great!

They have a gorgeous house. They gave us fabulous food. VM made beignets! Nothing makes me happier than beignets! Well, nothing except for margaritas, but VM makes the best margaritas I've ever tasted. I had a LOT of margaritas. I even dumped a fresh one on the table in a nice restaurant ... and watched in horror as a sticky lake spread across the table towards DB's lap. Fortunately, most of it went on me (my tennis shoe still has a faint whiff of orange, which is actually an improvement).

VM drove me around on Sunday and we went to all the open houses we could find. I wish I could have bought one. Boise is beautiful; I think it would be a wonderful place to live. Alas, I forgot my camera, so I have no fabulous photos to post. But you can take my word for it. Idaho is way cool.

Oh, and on a totally different note. Thanks for all the nice emails you sent hoping that I don't have a brain tumour. (Well, most of them wished that; the rest I'm planning on ignoring :G:). I'm an annoying person, but I don't have a brain tumour, so I can't claim that as my excuse!


Nanci said...

How were the potatoes?

I, too, am glad you are brain tumor free :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm cautiously refraining from being cheeky, lest you be cheeky back. Those margaritas sound so wonderful! That whole trip sounds so wonderful!

tamsaunt said...

Your weekend sounds much better than mine. I prefer Boise to Jonesboro AR, although everyone was very hospitable and I sold lots of books and trinkets from the bookstore.

Taminator said...

Wish I'd known you were headed to Boise. My sister in law Molly lives there. She recently visited with Susan in Nottingham so it'd be fun to have her hobnob with yet another member of the Penmanreview.