Monday, February 4, 2008


Seeing as how tomorrow is both Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday, I'm compelled to post about very little.

First and foremost, elves and vampires are dead. What? You don't believe me? Look at the number of recent deals for elves on Publishers' Marketplace. Zip. Nada. The last one was announced on 30 November. A lot of vampire deals went down in January, but I feel almost certain we've reached critical mass there too. Woohoo! If I never see another query for elves or vampires, it'll be too soon. Spare us all and let the nasty little horrors rest in peace, please.

Ingesting magnets is bad for you. Repeat after me: Don't eat magnets.

The American Civil War is on the upswing in fiction. I think I'd rather eat magnets than see any more of these. The good news, however, is that the Middle Ages are poised for a new upswing as well. Woohoo again! I am SO ready for an historical fiction renaissance and I think we're about to have one.

Washington state holds its elections by mail. This is incredibly boooring. I suppose it doesn't matter because it appears everyone is voting for Obama? Well, we didn't, but I think we're the only ones. For the record, I was for John Edwards, but now that he's out of the race, I have only one thing to say -- to Hilary Clinton: You GO girl! At least two people in Washington State are on your side.

Although we will neither be dancing in the streets tomorrow, nor voting, to everyone who is: Laissez les bon temps roullez!

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Gillian said...

I vote for elves and vampires, since I can't vote for anyone in the US elections.