Sunday, March 2, 2008


The sun showered down on us for a little while today, waking the slumbering giant that is Whidbey Island in the winter, and everyone and his dog hit the streets to celebrate surviving another dark season. Our happy dance took us to the garden center, where they had early spring plants and some blue-glazed pots that I really coveted. Some of the pots were empty, but some were already planted with artfully arranged selections of narcissus, violas, and primroses -- those were the ones I wanted.

I lingered and coveted so long that DH finally asked why I didn't get a pot and some plants for the front porch. Of course I was secretly hoping he'd encourage me to buy one of the pre-planted ones because I have a black thumb and I thought maybe my dead plant curse wouldn't strike if somebody else did the planting. But then I decided it would be even sillier to spend extra money for the pre-planted ones if the dang things were going to die anyway.

I got too many plants, too much potting soil, new gardening gloves, a bunch of seed packets, and I needed a new spade, and I ended up spending more than I would have if I'd just got an arrangement! It was, however, lots more fun playing in the mud while DH cut the grass and whacked weeds.

Here is my arrangement of paperwhites, violas, and some weird grass.

And here are the extra plants that wouldn't fit in the new pot.

My snapdragon seeds are now planted right here -- this will be a true test of the strength of the dead plant curse.

Here is my gardener. Love those glasses!

These are my gardening assistants. They are particularly useful for digging up things you'd rather not have dug up!

Here are my deer babies, who are getting into fighting shape for having a go at my roses.

Home sweet home.


Anonymous said...

If we ask nicely can we get updates on the garden and especially on the contents of the blue pot? Also on those assistants. (it's the photos - you put charming photos up and you will get requests for updates and even more charming photos)

tamsaunt said...

I too have been gardening. I ordered a climbing rose back in the dead of winter and it is scheduled to arrive today and I have been frantically getting a place ready to plant it. We had two days of spring, but go back to winter today with snow forecast in the northern part of the state!

Sherry said...

Hey! Love the pictures!!!!!