Monday, April 7, 2008

Amazon Furious?

According to the Times Online they are:
Amazon furious after publishers undercut its book prices online

An online price war for books has broken out, pitching Amazon against some of Britain’s biggest publishers.

Amazon is angry that Penguin, Bloomsbury and others are discounting titles on their websites, encouraging customers to buy direct instead of using the online retailer.

Poor Amazon. I feel for them. Not!

Such is the power of Amazon that several publishers did not feel able to talk on the record yesterday. One senior executive said: “It’s very serious. I can’t believe they’d be allowed to get away with it under competition law. Forcing people to increase prices seems to me entirely wrong.”

Others accused Amazon of having become particularly aggressive lately. One source claimed that the online seller recently removed the “buy buttons” from a book on its website to prevent users from being able to purchase it. “They then went to the publisher and said, ‘Give us an extra 2 or 3 per cent or we won’t put the buy buttons back’,” the source said.

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What's that thing they say about the chickens coming home to roost?

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Tess said...

Well, JB and his great big company obviously haven't heard of Karma.

Good for the big pubs for fighting back!