Thursday, April 17, 2008


We live in an old house that was here before all of the houses around us, and so while we have a lot of neighbors, we don't actually share a street with them. Instead, our house faces onto the original gravel track (it's just an easement to the street now), rather than an actual street. The result of this is that we only see the back lawns of all our neighbors, and the land owned by the little church across the way. The church is great, and so are most of the neighbors, but our nearest neighbors have a pile of ... stuff ... that may be dirt (or compost) way down at the end of their back yard. Next to the pile, they have an electric yellow El Camino with a rusted boat trailer attached. It clearly doesn't run as it is sitting on blocks rather than wheels.

This neighbor's house faces perpendicular to ours, and like ours, their lot is long and narrow. They have placed their ... stuff ... and their junked car as far from their own house as possible, which, of course, means that it is right next to our drive way, and in fact, it is maybe 15 feet from our house. That eye-catching yellow is, naturally, the first thing you see when you turn into our driveway. In spite of the fact that I don't like it much, I am not one of those people who requires a plastic-y perfect environment. I've never cared for fake looking suburban perfection, so I expect that means I'm going to have to live with the odd junked car now and again.

What I'm not happy with today, however, is the bulldozer! Yes; Mr. Neighbor has got a bulldozer and he's out there digging in his pile! I was just on the verge of making a phone call when he started up; it's been nearly three hours and he's still going at it. I stuffed cotton in my ears because It sounds like a motorcycle convention -- there's no escaping the noise anywhere in the house. I suspect the UPS man thinks I'm mad as a hatter because he saw me peering out the window at Mr Neighbor and his bulldozer -- and I forgot to take the tufts of cotton out of my ears before opening the door!

I felt like Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched. Abner? ABNER! The UPS guy is probably still laughing.


Tess said...

Yikes! A bulldozer? That sounds even worse than the excavator our future neighbours had going back in late Jan/early Feb while they were clearing land!

LOL re the cotton in your ears and the UPS man :)

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

You are so going to feel sooo at home visiting with me. Our neighbours across the road are having an extension put in and from dawn until dusk the workmen's vans block the road and there's construction noise. Our neighbours next door are rennovating. Dh says that dh next door was deprived as a child because he's got a hammer in his hand at every opportunity and we can hear a constant dull thump, thump, thud. Our house is an island surrounded by DIY maniacs. No rusty cars as yet...but then we're the neighbours most likely to produce manure heaps and mank on our backyard. That's our contribution :-)

LOL too re the cotton wool!

Anonymous said...

I hope the bulldozer has gone to sleep. Isn't that what they are suposed to do: doze?

Melbourne thinks it's summer still and the heat is making all of us somnolent, which is my excuse for not discovering this post yesterday.