Thursday, April 3, 2008

NEW Threat From Amazon!

What? Are they trying to kill EVERYONE? From British journal Publishing News Online:
AMAZON HAS THREATENED publishers who sell direct at discount on their own websites with punitive action. PN understands that it has said that if the publisher continues, Amazon will take the selling price as the RRP and apply its terms of trading to that price. In other words, if Amazon receives a 50% discount from Penguin, for example, but Penguin is selling a £20 book for £15 on its website, Amazon will only give Penguin £7.50, rather than £10.

Read the rest here.

To use a Texas saying, somebody needs to open up a can of whoop-ass on Amazon!


Brian said...

These people are starting to annoy me. So what it amounts to is they are forbidding publishers to give a discount, or they will double the discount at the publisher's expense. If this isn't illegal, it ought to be.

Tess said...

Ok, this is just getting RIDICULOUS!!!!!! JB obviously has some kind of complex and feels he needs to rule the world. Un-friggin-believable he thinks he can intimidate small businesses in this way.