Sunday, May 25, 2008

The George W. Bush Commemorative EEE PC

My compatriots at Financial Softworks all have these. My best friend has one too. I am a shallow, covetous person. The president of this great nation has just deposited a useless "economic stimulus" payment in my bank account. Adding all of the aforementioned factors together has produced one result: my own "George W. Bush Commemorative" Asus EEE PC will be arriving on 4 June.

Nota Bene: The name will only be retained until entertainment purposes are exhausted or until 4 July 2008, whichever happens first.


Anonymous said...

My eee PC is called "G'eeek". This is a contraction of "Gillian's eee.... eeek!" the last syllable is the sound I make quite often when using any computer.

Tess said...

Cool looking toy!

Taminator said...

Love it! Might have to invest myself...So is this going to be your "bush"baby?