Tuesday, May 27, 2008


If you are a garden lover then you will know the destruction that slugs and snails can do to your flowers. I have been having some success against the slugs by placing dishes of beer among the plants. The slugs head straight for the dishes, fall in, and apparently drink themselves to death -- but the snails appear to be cannier sorts. There are usually a few snail-lushes, but the majority of drowning victims are generally slugs. After my week in Houston, and then another week with the flu, I hadn't been paying attention to the slimy denizens of my garden until yesterday, when I glanced out the window and realized that the entire snail population of North American was racing toward the blue pot of pansies on my porch!

"Ack!" I shrieked at my startled spouse. "We have to DO something! NOW!"

"Tea?" He replied calmly -- obviously familiar, after twenty years, with my particular brand of insanity.

"Of course I can't have tea now. Are you crazy? Look out there! There are dozens of them. There are two right on the side of the POT! I have to go out there and get those snails right now. NOW."

"OK," he said, "but I assume you'll be getting dressed first..."

Ahem. He had a point; I probably ought not go outside wearing just a nightshirt.

I spent quite a long time on snail abatement yesterday, but this morning, I made the mistake of glancing out the window again as I was on my way to the kitchen.


I was out there at the crack of dawn with a Safeway bag and a plastic spoon.


Tess said...

ROTFL - that's quite the image - you in your nightshirt with spoon and plastic bags, scooping up snails as fast as you can!

So far the slugs haven't found my little garden. Let's hope they remain in ignorance for a while!

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

So when you've put said snails in a bag what do you do with them?
Dh just treads on our snails with a nasty crunch.
I will rat on Alison and say that she and her dh threw their snails over the garden wall into the road until one day they hit the windscreen of a passing car and then had to hide when the occupant got out and had a look in total mystification.
Our resident hedgehog and various toads and frogs eat a lot of our slugs.
Does Gillian know how the Medievals dealt with such pests?

Doubtful Muse said...

LOL! This time, I tied up the baggie and put it with the trash. I've considered crushing them, but I can't stand the crunching sound. The other day, when Mike was home, I pestered him till he took them to the vacant lot next door, dug a hole, dumped them in and buried them. After which, he jumped up and down on the spot a few times, presumably crunching them in the process! I suppose we could cook them and have escargot! -- ~Not!

Tess said...

Ok - more ROTFL at the thought of your dh jumping up and down on the snail grave! I'll have to tell Sean that :)

Still not many signs of slugs here yet. I did see a HUGE black one further along the driveway the other day, but it was far enough from my one lonely flower bed that I felt it not necessary to despatch it to another life.