Monday, May 19, 2008


I finally made it back to Washington last night. As always, it was an exhausting trip. It was sad leaving Lake Charles, but we had a great time. Our old neighbors met us at the bar in the casino. I lost eleven dollars in the slot machines and, even though I swore I'd never touch alcohol again, somehow a margarita made its way into my hand -- don't know how that happened. The band was excellent; we danced a lot. We watched others dance a lot too -- it's always an amazing sight to see a big group of people doing the two-step at the same time. Particularly when there are a bunch of men wearing cowboy hats.

One drunk, skeletal old cowboy was really taken with our friend Kris. He was particularly noteworthy because he didn't have any teeth. I don't mean that he was missing a tooth. I mean he didn't appear to have a tooth. Not a single one! He kept trying to get her to dance with him and he didn't want to take no for an answer. Her husband hadn't finished playing the slots so she was sitting with DH and me and I was afraid DH was going to have to stand up for her honour and I was going to have to experience some kind of tawdry casino bar-fight, and thinking how that would really cap off the week. Fortunately, however, he shambled off after a while.

Since drunk, skeletal, toothless cowboy was gone, it seemed safe enough to send DH off to dance with Kris because she clearly wanted to and her husband still wasn't back and I was done with dancing myself -- I cut my toe somehow -- don't know how I managed that; DH didn't step on my foot or anything. It must have been my natural clumsiness. As I was watching them, I saw the cowboy come up and try to cut in, but DH grabbed her hands and swung her around hard (he's a pretty good dancer) and they ended up on the other end of the floor. The song was over before the guy was able to make his way over to where they were.

When they sat back down, Kris said, "Did you see? Did you SEE? That cowboy with no teeth tried to cut in!"

I kept a straight face. "Which one?" I asked.

"The one with NO TEETH!!!" She was beside herself.

I tried to looked real concerned. "I heard you," I said. "Which one?"

"T--! The one with NO TEE--" Then she realised that I was just giving her a hard time.

She punched me in the arm. "You are so mean, girl."

I agreed with her. But it was fun.


Anonymous said...

Saw you had written about Old Folks' Singing. It was Sunday as you know, and it was really, really nice.

Anonymous said...

Also, the Aunt Alma your grandmother wrote about on the paper you have included about Old Folks' Singing is MY grandmother.

Doubtful Muse said...

Well, we're related then. Aunt Alma was my great grandmother's sister. You're not a Carlisle are you? Maybe one of Jean's sons?

Anonymous said...

No. My mother is Aunt Jean's sister, Roberta.

Tess said...

LOL - you ARE a wicked, wicked woman!