Sunday, June 15, 2008

Garden Girl and the Pig Wallows

After all the sniveling, whingeing, and moaning I've done lately, it's probably hard to believe that it only took two consecutive days of sunshine to do it. But it did.

Witness garden girl.

Able to dig dandelions out by the root. Able to frighten snails away by her very shadow. (I wish!) Able to transform a patch of mud that looked an awful lot like a pig wallow into a patch of mud with some sparse droopy flowers.

It was a good day.

We started out by going to the Lavender Wind Farm to pick up some replacements for the lavender plants we lost over the winter.

We decided to go with Folgate English lavender (lavandula angustifolia) this time because the blooms are a deeper purple than the hybrid and French lavenders that we planted last summer. The conditions here also seem closer to England, so we think it will be hardier in our weather.

Folgate lavender grows fairly large, but it takes about three years. Two of the plants we lost were on either side of our gate, and we debated replacing them with something else because the empty beds are the part of the lawn that looks like a pig wallow, but the owner of the Lavender Farm suggested replacing them lavender, but filling in the gaps with annuals until the lavender grows large enough to stand on its own.

That seemed like a good idea, so we decided to do that, and then we went to Sally's Garden to get the annuals to fill in the holes. I ended up with purple and pink cosmos and some other purplish daisy like things whose name I can't recall, but as usual, I didn't get enough because there are really two pig wallows! If I had put them all on one side, I think it would have looked fine, and I almost did, but for some reason, I didn't at the last minute.

Here is one of the pig wallows.

Fortunately, DH found two lavender plants that were much larger than the ones we bought hiding in one of the big beds near the front of the lawn, and he dug them up and moved them to my pathetic pig wallows, so they don't look quite so bad as they would have otherwise.

Here are the pig wallows with my droopy cosmos and DH's lavender plants.

I suspect a trip to the garden store is in my future. One can never have enough droopy flowers can one?

While we were out, we had ice cream at the world famous Kapaw's. They make their own waffle cones -- Yum!

In my other garden endeavours, I pulled up a weed with a firmly embedded root, which let go suddenly, showering my entire head with truly disgusting mud. I also managed to trip on a clump of turf and fall down, face first, barely missing the rake! I twisted my ankle, ruined my jeans, and laughed for 15 minutes at the picture I must have presented, considering that I already had mud all over my head. I limped over to where DH was weeding and asked if he'd heard me scream. He said yes but that he'd assumed it was because I was rolling in the mud with the dogs. On purpose.

In spite of the nasty weather we've been having, our flowers have been progressing from spring to summer.

My pot of pansies is offering assurance that the Curse of the Black Thumb is in retreat.

The poppies are popping!

The snapdragons, which a few weeks ago, appeared to be at death's door, have a new lease on life. I love snapdragons.

The backyard is like heaven for dogs.

I don't know what this little bush is, but the photo doesn't do it justice. It's quite amazing up close. The flowers are shaped like stars that have yellow centers. It's a gorgeous thing.

In the bed where DH found the large lavender plants, we also found a lone iris. We really need to sort that bed out. It's large and it's so crowded, it's difficult to see what is even growing inside. Ah well, surely there will be another sunny day before the end of summer. Surely...


Nanci said...

What gorgeous pictures - thanks for posting these!

Tess said...

Isn't it amazing what TWO days of sunshine can do? We're on # 2 in a row here! I was outside watering and weeding for an hour and a half, listening to birdsong and feeling 100% better :)

I just LOVE all your pics - great story re the fall. Sounds like something I would do *g*. And if we weren't so close to bears, Sean would assume I'd seen a bug if I squealed as I fell.

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely garden. Glad you're feeling better and happier too (face plant notwithstanding).

Sarah said...

Hey, this is really fun - to see what my customer's garden looks like :) Thanks for putting those photos on your blog.

I think I know what that cute bush is - though I can't be sure without a better view of the leaves - it might be a Ceanothus (commonly known as California Lilac). They grow to various sizes, depending on the variety and they have those fabulous blue blooms around this time of year. They are good because they stand up to our windy weather.