Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Week of Long Days

It was a week late, but summer did finally arrive, just in time for the close of my favorite time of the year -- the week of long days. Here in Washington, that means dawn edging in at 4:00 am and sunset edging out at nearly 11:00 pm. That's a lot of daylight!

The temperature has nearly reached 80 F today too, which, in my book, is as near to perfect as exists on earth. DH spent most of the day gardening, and I spent most of the day appearing to garden, although what I was really doing had a lot more to do with basking in the sun than with anything like work.

You know I couldn't resist giving you flowers, though, could I?

First is a shot of these two unknown white bushes blooming on either side of our front gate. I don't know what they are, but I do know they didn't bloom last year or the year before, so seeing them covered in delicate white lace was a nice surprise.

Next is a photo of our "secret" garden. It was mainly a huge mess until DH weeded it a few weeks ago when he dug up the lavender to plant in my pig wallows. It's not very big, but now that it's cleared out, it's amazing. You can follow the little path into the middle and peer out through the trees and all you can see are flowers, leaves, and the distant water down below.

The next photos are all of the same thing -- the most beautiful roses I've ever seen. They are in a part of our lawn that has not really been landscaped. In our first summer here, two years ago, they were nearly choked over with weeds -- we only discovered the roses because of a desperate long shoot of blooms that made it over the top of the weeds near the end of the summer. We cut back the weeds and made sure the roses got water last summer. This year, we are seeing our reward!

The buds are a deep salmon pink when they are closed, and when they open, they are a deep golden yellow, edged with apricot.

I took so many shots because I couldn't seem to get one that showed them in their true glory.

The next photo shows how much work is left to do on that section of the garden -- it is a wild mess -- but it is a wild mess of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen.


Nanci said...

We have those same yellow roses in our yard d- I adore them, yet know nothing about them. If you ever stumble upon the variety's name, let me know.

I remain, as always, totally envious of your yard!

Anonymous said...

I think your rose may be a Rouge et Or, a floribunda bred in France back in the 1980s. Go to for a picture.

tamsaunt said...

That anonymous comment was me, I clicked the wrong place.

Doubtful Muse said...

It does look like it could be the Rouge et Or -- although that database says that it has a mild fragrance and ours are quite intense!

Tess said...

Great pics!!! I just love your garden, especially those gorgeous roses.

I hear you on your frustration with summer starting just as the week of long days ends. Grrrrr. Though we didn't lose all our light here till 11 last night either. Friday night we had a campfire and stayed out quite late :) Long may this gorgeous sunshine and warmth last!!!