Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lie Back and Think of England

Take your dirty mind out of the gutter; I didn't mean it THAT way. I'm thinking of England because I'm leaving for the airport in a little while and I'm going over the last-minute details of what I need to take. I reckon the most important thing I need to take is an attitude adjustment because I have really got into a habit of casting a jaundiced eye on everything to do with travel. That makes me sad because when I was younger, I loved to travel. Now, I REALLY have to want to go somewhere, in order to force myself to make the effort.

So ... as of this minute ... I am on holiday. I am going to have a wonderful trip. Nothing is going to go wrong. The flight will be on-time and uneventful. I will sleep on the plane and when I wake up, I will not look like shit (yeah right). There will be no delay at customs and the car I have arranged to meet me, will be waiting to take me to the Vanderbilt Hotel. I will arrive in time to take a shower before I meet my friends for dinner. Their daughter will like the puppet princess I have packed in my luggage for her. All will be well.

Friday morning, Auntie's uneventful flight will also be on-time and we will have a fun weekend exploring London. It won't hurt that our hotel is across the street from Harrods and the V&A Museum. On Sunday, we'll go on to The Dales hotel in Sheringham for our sojourn in East Anglia. On Tuesday, I will not miss the train, nor be involved in a train crash, when I go to meet my favourite author, Elizabeth Chadwick. When I arrive at her house, I will do my best not to mortally offend her or any of her friends or family. All will be well.

When I visit Sandringham with Auntie, I will not destroy any priceless antiques. All will be well.

On this trip, I will be involved in no auto accidents, no street altercations, no polical demonstrations. In short, it will be a lovely holiday, on which we will visit interesting sites and meet lovely people. All will be well.

I am open to the abundance of the universe.

I'm really bad at this. I'm taking my new EEEPC, now named Lili. Depending on internet access, there may be reports of just how "well" it all is. (g)


Nanci said...

You forgot the most important part of the affirmation:

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

Hope you have a fantastic time!

Tess said...

Sniff - enjoy your trip. I'm most jealous, but then again, you could use the break :) Raise a pint for me, please!!

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Teresa, don't encourage her to drink pints please - unless it's tea!

I am waiting to be mortally offended - laugh!
I have to hope that none of us mortally offends T.!