Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Luck DH and JM: Accenture Chicago Triathlon!

DH and his brother JM are at the starting line right now for the largest triathlon in the world: the Accenture Chicago Triathlon! I wish I could have been there to see them, but I wasn't able to go since I have to get my dogs down to Texas. DH nearly canceled, but he and his brother had been planning this since February and they've worked so hard to be ready for it -- I'm glad he decided to go after all, even though I couldn't go too.

The distances in this race are twice as long as the ones in the triathlon they did a couple of weeks ago here on Whidbey Island (although without the hills). And the field is HUGE -- 9,000 participants. In fact, the field is so large, DH and his brother aren't even in the same wave of starts. JM has already finished his swim (time 29:47) and DH doesn't start for another 5 minutes.

Although I couldn't be there in person, I'm still having fun tracking their progress because they set me up to get text messages when they complete each leg of the race and I'll get to watch them cross the finish line because it's being broadcast live on the web.

I will probably be back with more on this later... because I'm required to congratulate them (and brag)...

JM had a decent transition (3:19) and DH has begun his swim -- Oh I have my fingers crossed that he's able to swim straight! He's fast, but that's his worst problem; he doesn't like to take his head out of the water to look where he's going because he's used to the lanes in the pool, but this swim is in Lake Michigan...

Woohoo! DH finished his swim in 32:38! He's the Man! (I was worried -- this swim was twice as long as the one in the Whidbey triathlon)... NOW he's ready for the part of the race he's great at. Go Mike!!!!

DH only had an OK transition (3:45), so JM has a real lead on him now. They began the bike race with JM at 33:06 and DH at 36:23. So, JM has a solid head start. It'll be interesting to see if DH can catch up to him. The rivalry between brothers is an amazing thing to watch -- it's all in good fun, though, and they're both good sports. JH was the best man at our wedding and they're great friends as well as brothers.

JM is looking great on this one! His total bike time was 1:12:29 and his transition to the run was 3:25, so he's started his run at 1:49. DH is in the wave after JM's, so it'll be awhile before I'll know how he's doing on his borrowed bike. I hope he's able to hang in there.

DH was phenomenal on the bike! His total bike time was 56.18 and his transition was only 2:28, so he completely made up the lead JM had and started his run at 1:35:09 (JM started at 1:49:00).

JM just finished the race -- his complete time was 2:40:49. Congrats bro-in-law! Now we just have to see how DH does.

All that hill training really paid off. DH finished the race in 2:19:06. Wow!

Whoops! Alas, DH had a flat tire just before the end of the the bike race and he had to walk it in, so his results aren't valid. He was still able to complete the run, and his time for that was 43:57. But he didn't get an complete time for the race after all. Oh well, he still did a great job anyway.

Congrats to both JM and DH!

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