Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swansong Triathlon

DH is in San Antonio now, midway through the first week at his new job. This is not an easy week for us since everything in our lives is completely up in the air.

Before he left on Sunday, though, my hubby had a nice ending to our brief time here in Washington. His brother, JM, came out from Chicago and they both participated in the Whidbey Island Triathlon.

We had dinner the night before the race with our neighbor, MR, who was participating in a team with her nephew (he was going to do the swim and she was planning to do the ride and the run) and her husband. A couple of racer-doctors from Bellingham, who were staying with them because they couldn't find a hotel on the island were also at dinner. We had a great time.

On the morning of the race (Saturday), it was typical weather here -- cloudy and not that warm (under 60 F. in fact) and the swim was the first thing on the agenda. They had to swim 800 meters in a lake, then ride their bikes for 19.5 miles, and then, finally, finish up with a 3.8 mile run.

DH and his brother took their bikes in JM's rental car and I took my own car. I also took Pip to keep me company since I figured I'd be spending a lot of time waiting around between the different parts of the race. I had no trouble finding a parking space along the road, but DH and JM couldn't find one after they unloaded the bikes and they almost missed the race altogether.

About 3 minutes before the start of the race, I was nervously standing at the entrance to the park looking for them, and then I saw them running furiously down the road toward me. They were both carrying their wetsuits and JM was barefooted!

When they got close enough to hear me, I started yelling at them to hurry, but I needn't have; they were half-way to being in a panic already. DH flung off all his clothes except his bike shorts and pulled on the wetsuit and then he took off towards the water. I chased him and made him stop for a quick photo! JM ignored me so there isn't one of him.

JM beat DH in the swim, and there is a photo of him coming out of the water.

DH didn't do as well in the swim as he did in the rest of the race, but I love that lime green cap he has on his head. You can't see it well in the photo, but I also love the fact that's he's grinning like a nut as he's coming out of the water. I asked him why later and he said he wasn't sure, but that it might have been because he was happy that he didn't drown.

Unlike nearly everyone else in the race, DH has an ancient rusted bike that he bought used 10 years ago. JM had brought his slick new bike with him from Chicago. JM told me that he was feeling sorry for DH because of having to ride such a heavy old bike, particularly since JM got such a good head start on him in the swim, until DH cruised right by him and left him in the dust! DH ROCKED that bike ride!

I saw them both finish, but I didn't get any photos because Pip was the star of the sidelines at that point and I was busy defending him from an idiot child who caused Pip to part with a thick section of his tail.

Then there was the run and DH rocked that too. After several years of injuries, it was amazing to see him do so well. In fact, DH came in 28th overall in the run, out of a field of nearly 300! That's not by age; that's over the entire field.

In spite of his bad swim, DH did much better than his goal of finishing in 2:15. His actual time was 1:55:36! JM did pretty well too, in spite of being bigger and younger [g] -- his time was 2:02:55.

Except for losing part of his tail, Pip did the best of all. He got to ride in the car; he got to ride in his carrier (he adores that thing so much he sleeps on top of it); and he got all the little girls at the race to pet him.


tamsaunt said...

I love the woman in the background of one of your pics with her sports bra on under her rather lowbacked swimsuit.

Taminator said...

Congrats to Mike! That's quite an accomplishment. So when are you doing a marathon? Probably the same time I join Jeff in his 5K next week...right?

Taminator said...

Make that doing a triathlon. Duh.

Doubtful Muse said...

Regarding the ... attire of some of the swimmers. I can only say that there is a difference between being fit enough to do a triathlon and looking fit enough to wear certain bathing costumes well. And I am neither. If I were going to get out there (and there's no way in hell that's ever going to happen), I would wear one of those Victorian bathing dresses that ties at the neck and comes down to the toes!

Doubtful Muse said...

Thanks on behalf of Mike, Tammy! I'm going to join Mike in a race when hell freezes over. Does that mean you'll be freezing in hell with me? I went in a one mile fun run with Mike when we were dating and he just about had to drag me for the last few yards. Small children (very small, like toddlers) were beating me. And that's when I was 24 years old. I shudder to think what it would be like now!

Tess said...

Kewl! Glad your dh and his bro got to share the experience :)

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Your dh and his brother look scarily alike - cept one's bigger than the other obviously, but facially they could be half way to identical twins!
Commiserations to Pip for the loss of tail hair!