Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sometimes you just have to laugh

A lot has happened since my last post about my surgery woes. Three days after that post, I had some complications and got to spend another fun-filled week in the hospital, complete with the beloved NG tube and additional pain killers.

My mother came to stay with me and she fell in love with my dogs -- Prissy's future may well lie in Arkansas.

DH took care of supervising the movers and our pitiful possessions were deposited into our new house. We are living there now, in towering piles of boxes that I'm not yet well enough to unpack. I try to do a couple each day and DH does a few more when he gets home at night, but it's a slow process for sure.

My 21st anniversary is in two days and though I haven't been well enough to manage a gift for DH, my health problems must have seriously freaked him out because he has given me the gift of a lifetime -- my dream car -- a blue Mercedes E350! We needed a car, but it was because his was failing, and it was his turn to get a new one -- not a common occurrence for us since we literally drive our cars until they're ready for the junkyard. Cars may not sound romantic to you, but DH is a typical engineer (and guy) who adores anything to do with engines, so for him to give up his chance for a car, and to buy one so over the top nearly blew me away. It was so sweet of him that it made me cry in a way that even diamonds wouldn't have done. I can't really get out of the house to shop and it's too late for deliveries, so poor DH is going to have to wait for his gift -- I'll never come up with anything that will equal what he gave me, but he reads this sometimes, so I need to tell him he has my undying love (and he would have even without the car).

I have had exactly one spin in my new chariot, after foregoing pain pills so I wouldn't kill myself or anyone else while I was doing it. I can hardly wait until I'm better so I can give it a real roadtest. That's going to a bit longer than I expected because yesterday, I broke my damn toe! I caught it on a box and nearly tore it right off my foot.

Like I said -- sometimes you just have to laugh!

C'est la vie.


Tess said...

Um, did you break a mirror?

Seriously, glad to hear you're ok now. I was really worried when you disappeared again. Wish I lived closer, so I could come help you unpack (I'm pretty good at that!)

And wow, what an anniversary gift!!! Yay your DH, though some husbands might claim he's setting that ol' bar just a little high for the rest of the DHs of the world *g*.

Happy Anniversary!

Nanci said...

Totally uncreative of me here, but I say a big DITTO to what Tess has already said.

Glad you are feeling well enough to blog - that is surely a sign that things are on the right path.

Enjoy the new car, and Happy Anniversary!

Taminator said...

Glad to hear you are better once again and let's hope that's a trend. Sorry about the toe, though--nothing hurts like the damned toe (voice of experience). I think what Mike did is beyond romantic. You've got a keeper. And apparently so does he. :)

Anonymous said...

According to my deductions, the next damage due is for you to break a fingernail. Then things are fine and you get to drive in the beautiful new car and live in the beautiful new house and there's lots of happy ever after because, drabbit, you've sure done all the negatives worth doing (don't take this as a challenge!!).