Monday, November 3, 2008

Arrgghhh -- Make it STOP

Spending last week in Lake Charles was wonderful. I played the slot machines exactly once and I won $130. I then proceeded to make myself sick with a terrific hamburger and a HUGE double-margarita -- totally worth it. I learned that Hurricane Ike flooded our old neighborhood. That made me feel really sad, but also relieved that it never happened to us once while we lived there.

We saw quite a few old friends. In every case, we somehow ended up talking about -- surprise -- politics. I had forgotten how different politics are in Louisiana; I can't explain it, but they just are. In the course of four enthusiastic ... um ... discussions, I was told by two people that Barack Obama is not a natural born American citizen and therefore, should not be eligible to become president. Unlike most of what seems to be the rest of the country, I'm not a huge Obama fan, but even so, I thought those comments were stupid and I didn't hesitate to mention it.

Regardless of who is elected, and I believe it will be Obama, I will be SO glad to have this damned election over and done with. I admit that I don't like either candidate, but it really doesn't matter what I think because I was in the hospital on the deadline for registering to vote, so I don't get to vote anyway. It will be the first time in my adult life that I'll have missed voting in an election. I suppose it shouldn't bother me much anyway because if I still lived in Washington, my vote either way wouldn't have mattered because Obama is certain to win there. And here, in Texas, McCain is almost certain to win, so my vote wouldn't have mattered here either. It would only have mattered to me.

Tomorrow night Gillian and I are going to have a virtual election party with virtual election cake and then, I can sigh and say, Thank God it is over -- except for the bitching and moaning, which is bound to last at least four years!



Taminator said...

While I'm an Obama fan, I have to a loud "Amen!" to this election being over. I'm so sick of it all I could vomit.

tamsaunt said...

I am so anxious for it to be over so I can turn the TV and the radio back on. I have been getting 3 and 4 telephone messages every day and I just delete them. Then they call at night and you have to hang up on them to get rid of them.

Tess said...

ROTFL - I felt that way three weeks ago when our six WEEK election campaign culminated in the casting of votes. Don't know how y'all down there south o' the border survive the madness of a two year campaign so frequently!

That said, here on Canadian tv there's almost as much coverage for the US election as there was for the Canadian one. I'll be watching the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert special :)

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

I don't read newspapers, I don't watch TV news and I don't listen to the radio. Do you KNOW how liberating that is? It's wonderful!
When people ask me don't I care about the state of the world, I just say that one day a big storm will come and wash the beach clean and the dolphins will take over. Problem solved...!!

tamsaunt said...

Hope you didn't overeat the vitual cake!

I went to bed with a good book and read all the results in the newspaper when I got up this morning.