Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Than Enough

We're supposed to be on the road to Arkansas right now to spend the holiday with my family. That's not going to happen, though, because we woke up this morning and stepped into a pool of water when we got out of bed. A pipe in the wall broke and our bedroom and the guest room were flooded.

We've had a team of plumbers here since early this morning, and an emergency water damage company has set up a giant humidifier to dry out the rooms that got wet. It is going to cost a FORTUNE to fix. The new wood floor in our bedroom is completely ruined, plus the plumbers had to cut huge pieces of sheet-rock out of the wall in our room to find the pipe that was leaking. And the thing that's particularly galling is that the leak was caused by the people who installed the floor in our room. Apparently when they were replacing the quarter-rounds, they hit a nail into the pipe. It didn't start leaking until cooler weather caused the pipes to contract, and then it was a gusher.

We have already learnt several new things, like the fact that our homeowners insurance doesn't cover the cost of the plumbers. So, even if the insurance covers everything else, we're still on the hook for $4,000. The floor installers are sending someone out on Monday, and we're hoping that they'll cover at least part of the cost since they're responsible for the damage. We're certain of that because we found the exact nail that caused the breech.

It would be easy enough to have a real melt-down at this point because in addition to this little nightmare, we have a lot of other sudden financial setbacks (who hasn't in this economy?). But I still have so much to be thankful for that I'm not going to flip out (yet). Instead, I'm just going to think about the good things and not worry. DH and I have each other, and we have our dogs (and kitty). We have some excellent steaks in the freezer we can defrost for our dinner tomorrow. We have our families.

That's more than enough.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Nanci said...

Oh my God! What a nightmare. I hope your 2009 is the best on record for anyone ever - you certainly deserve it!

FWIW, my mom used to work property insurance claims, I am positive the nail from the flooring guys will make their liability insurance kick in and pick up that 4k. Just save the nail and the pipe to be on the safe side!

It sounds like you're keeping a great attitude though, which is more than I would be doing, i am afraid...

Doubtful Muse said...

Thanks. The good attitude is definitely taking a conscious effort! I keep telling myself that it could have been worse. The leak could have broken through after we'd left for our trip and it would have had 5 whole days to leak, instead of just since we went to bed last night. Or it could have ruined my laptop that was sitting on the floor, just beyond the margin of the water. Or the Drexel Heritage dresser that's partly pushed out of the way in the photo. I hope the floor company comes through, but if not, well... that's what our emergency fund is for. I just hope we don't have any more emergencies soon!

Gillian said...

You don't have any more emergencies soon either - you've had a decade's worth, in just the last few months. I agree with Nanci about what you deserve in 2009. It should be the best year ever, just to keep some balance in the universe.

Tess said...

How horrible! And so soon after you moved in. Stupid insurance company!! The same kinda thing happened to my brother/sister in law last year - water down all three stories of their house. But at least their insurance covered pretty much all of it.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving regardless - and I'm sure the dogs/cat are thrilled you'll be home :)

Taminator said...

Wow, you just can't seem to catch a break lately, huh? But at least you can see the good stuff, like the laptop not getting wet. I'm just so sorry you won't be able to get to Arkansas for Thanksgiving.

Elizabeth Chadwick said...

I reckon you must have finished the Karma sorting by now T.!
A well known author friend of mine had a leak happen more or less as she closed her cottage door in England and went to France for five weeks - so you can imagine. She was insured but she hasn't been able to return home yet and she lost a Tudor box that was so flood damaged it couldn't be salvaged.
As Nanci says, save the nail and the pipe. I suppose you could use it as a weapon!
I finally posted your copy of TTOS yesterday btw!