Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gone With the Wind? Not Me!

DH is in Delaware, freezing. The drywall guy is in my bedroom, building me a new wall. The sky, according to CNN, is falling again. (When is it not?) Gillian and I had a nice chat this morning. All is right with the world.

I think that's why I amuse Gillian so much – I am perverse. My husband is away, and miserable; the economy is in the toilet; my bedroom looks like a war zone (although I admit that the drywall guy is a positive addition … Niiiicccceee) and I, in all my glory, have decided that all is right with the world! I feel almost compelled to try to explain – this is the upside of the anti-Pollyanna!

See? Back when everyone was dissing me for being a pessimist, I was quietly biding my time. And I was planning. If they had asked me, I'd have been happy to tell them how stupid they were to think they were going to get rich flipping condos, or whatever other dumb-ass idea they had, but they didn't ask me cause they think I am ~shudder~ a pessimist. DH wishes he'd listened to me about buying commodities (nota bene: if you're going to buy cotton, pay attention to the weather), but he's happy enough that he listened in time to save a big chunk of our retirement account – a little late, but soon enough. Oh yeah. I don't pick individual stocks (although now is a good time for oil stocks :-)) and I don't try to time the market, but I know how the hell to pay attention to conditions; my dad taught me to do it in high school and you'd better believe that I listened.

So the crisis comes and I'm ready for the long haul. And I'm calm. That's one of my strong points. I'm calm in a crisis. I don't always feel calm, but I'm going to act that way. I'm like Scarlet O'Hara when she made that dress out of her old curtains. When things get bad, and my life has certainly not been a bed of roses, I've made them work out of sheer will -- and planning. And so, I have confidence that I can do it this time too. I'm not going to freak out and cancel the books I'm set to publish. I'm going to do them any way. Of course I'm going to be careful with expenses, but I won't panic. Good things are worth doing. Good things are still worth buying. Good things last. And I do good things.

Over the holidays, I took DH to see the Old Mill, which appears in the opening credits of Gone With the Wind. It's just down the road from Auntie's house. It'll be there for a long time, and so will we!

I would have posted some photos of it, and also of my righteous snowman, but blogger is having problems. Maybe later on that.


Taminator said...

Oh, I'm cool in a crisis as well. It's one of my better personality traits, actually. :)

Gillian said...

She's not just cool in a crisis, though - she's positively buoyant and inspirational. I decided ages ago that it was better to accept the inspiration than to worry.