Friday, January 2, 2009


We made it through the holidays -- a funeral, driving through the worst ice storm of the century, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day with the in-laws, nephew's christening, driving back through the worst traffic jam we've ever seen -- and the new year has begun. All in all, it was a pretty good trip. We got to see lots of friends and family including our new nephew and my new baby cousin Tory (both adorable); we got to build a righteous snowman; and we got to absorb a lot of goodwill toward men. Thank heavens it's all over!

I suppose my boycott against Amazon is also over because I got a Kindle for Christmas -- and I really like it. One of my uncles, who also has a Kindle, gave me a hard time about sacrificing my principles, and, of course, he was right. Auntie also has a Kindle, so in some kind of sick way, my family is, apparently, providing ample support for the Great Evil of the book world. I would hang my head in shame, but I've noticed that, so far, I haven't got any new e-books in place of the ones I'd buy in hardcopy. I still want the same old fashioned paper books, and I've added a whole new source of books I wouldn't have otherwise read. Reading (and buying) more books, can't be all bad, can it?

I'm actually going to have a post soon on my two best books of 2008: The Devil's Brood by Sharon K. Penman, and The Time of Singing by Elizabeth Chadwick. It will be a little while on that, however, because I have to think more on what I plan to write. I don't know why, since I love to read and to write, but I suck at reviewing books -- it always takes me forever to do it -- yet, I always try to note my best-of-the-best since I'm afraid someone might miss them.

On an entirely different note, the painter and dry-waller for my bedroom repairs came today, which means we're going to get the repairs started soon (no more exposed concrete subfloor -- Yay!). My cousin Sherry turned in the paperwork for her Chinese adoption (Good Luck Sherry & Aaron!). My pets are only moderately traumatised by their week-long stay in the kennel, well, except for kitty who hasn't stopped howling since we got home. DH is planning a business trip to Aruba (companion ticket, anyone???). I've already knocked a bunch of things off my to-do list, which now contains mostly things for my publishing company (Finally I can focus). I just fetched the mail and found that in my absence I received a priceless gift: candy from VM in Idaho (her candy is to-die-for). I lived through the second worst year of my life (the year my dad died was the worst) -- and I'm still here.

I think this is going to be a good year.


Taminator said...

I'm certain your 2009 will be fantastic, Tamara. A righteous snowman? I love it!

Happy New Year!

Gillian said...

2009 is going to be a much better year for you. If it isn't good enough, I shall give it whatfor. (I've never given a year whatfor before - I hope I don't have to this time.)

Have a *very* happy year :).

PS What do unrighteous snowmen get up to?

Nanci said...

How does one tell a righteous snowman from a wicked one? (And why does that sound like the beginning of a bad joke?)

Tess said...

Oh my, you must REALLY love that Kindle! Nothing will ever make me give up my Amazon boycott, but I just don't really like reading books on a screen, so I guess I'm safe *g*.

Glad you had a good Holiday season and that you survived those horrendous drives!!!